Sunday, 2 October 2011

School... and so on

Hey guys,

So October is finally here and it marks the beginning of the school year.  I will be meeting with my prof on Tuesday to discuss the courses I am enrolled in, performance, and all that fun stuff.  I have my first classes and lesson on Thursday (thank God! I still have sometime to brush up on my repertoires haha). so I am very excited.

I am really loving it here in Austria.  One of my favorite is that the lifestyle here is a lot more laid back than it is in Canada (Although this bothered me in the beginning).  This is because everything here is only open from 8/9am til 12pm and on Thursdays, also open from 2pm til 4pm.. so if you need to get something done in Austria (banks, appointments, etc) you have to do it before noon!  The exceptions are malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc which are open til 9pm or later.  The bright side of this is that people, instead of working all day, actually enjoy their days.  So you can see the citizens enjoying a glass of wine, a beer, an ice cream, etc. anytime after 12 pm.

Overall, I am loving this experience, and it's starting to feel like time is going too fast haha.  Here are some random pictures that I've taken/stolen from friends :). Enjoy.

These are pictures of the usual path I take from school back home

This is a mini theater outside the practice building

There are a lot of stores, restaurants, etc on this street

One of my favorite stores ;)

Remember the 2 Canadians I met? (Deni and Jen).. well there they are walking towards me. I didn't even see them til they got close haha

The Bridge.. there were constructions going on at this time

The river

My Street

At a birthday party.. in my flat..of course haha
As always, thanks for reading and God Bless!


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  1. Excellent post Bro. Hope you enjoy your stay. Keep us posted.