Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hey guys!

Since I got to Austria, I've been having to cook for myself, I don't have the luxuries that I had when I was at home haha.  I've also realized that I'm a decent cook.. I guess I get it from my mom ;)

Anyhow, Kyle (the other pianisit from Carleton), Miguel (Our friend who is from Spain and also lives in the same apartment,) and I made an arrangement to cook for each other once a week instead of having to fend for ourselves everyday.  Besides, dinner is much better with company and a great conversation ;)

Here's a few pictures from our dinners.  He doesn't know but I stole some of the pictures from Kyle (thanks bud haha)

This is from one of our bigger dinners(Photo credits: Kyle)

From the left: Myself, Giaum from France, and Miguel (Credits: Kyle)
Credits: Kyle

Kyle and Miguel

As always, thanks for reading!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Auf Steirer!

Auf Steirer is a festival for the people of Graz.  Everyone dressed up in traditional Austrian clothing and celebrate the day!  It's kind of like a Canada day celebration in Ottawa. My flatmates and I went to the festival to see what it's like.  Here are some pictures and videos I took.

The flatmates from left to right : Barbara, Mario, and Maya

Yours truly

My other flatmate, Caro on the far left

There is a cafe in that bridge.. pretty cool
The Clock Tower
Majority of the people were dressed in traditional Austrian clothing... like this!

Maya and Barbara

The crowd

There were people performing traditional dances

Here is one of the videos I took.  Enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A typical day

Hey everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the first weeks of school.. enjoy it while it lasts haha.  I want to show you guys what a typical day for me (for the month of September, until school starts) looks like. I wake up at 6:45 (or try to) every morning, get ready, then leave for school around 8:15.  It's about a half an hour walk from the apartment to the school.

Getting ready for the day

The hallway outside the flat

The view from the elavator

We have to use our keys to operate the elavator

Behind the apartment

Crossing the bridge 

The first couple of days, I always took the wrong turn here haha

The street where my class is on

It's not fun having to walk up this hill every morning

Just when you thought I was done, there are stairs [-_-]

Almost there...
The class room .. I was the first one there.. for once haha

Verena, the teahcer

There's some German for you haha

After the German class, I usually go to the grocery store, get a snack, then head to the music school to practice.  On this day, I got to practice on a Steinway AND a Fazioli!

There's the Steinway (The wife)
And the Fazioli (The mistress)

As always, thanks for reading.  Cheers and God Bless!