Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank you and farewell, Graz

Hey guys!

This will be my final post as today is my last day in Graz.  Today, I ran a few errands, then I went to school.  I met with Dr. Straub and thanked him for being an amazing professor.  After that, I went to the practice building to practice for the last time.. very sad haha.  To top it off, I had my "last supper" with the boys haha. Here are the events that took place on my final day in Graz.

Since it was my last day, I walked through the town instead of taking short cuts haha.. so here are the pictures!

Going down the elevator

At school

Last time practicing in the building :( lol

I'm going to miss those pianos

We had a rough beginning, but I shall miss you lol

My last dinner with the guys.. and Kyle, the chef

Making a toast? lol
Giwon, Kyle and I

All the guys, minus Miguel and Marty who was taking the picture
 So there it is! I will be catching my flight at 8:00 am tomorrow morning and I should almost be home by this time tomorrow!  I'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting through my experience in Graz, I really appreciate it!  All my family, friends, and loved ones, thank you and may God bless you.  It has been a life changing experience.

To the amazing friends I've made in Graz, thank you for the friendship, for coming to my concerts, the dinners and the conversations that go with it haha!  It has been amazing and I hope we can stay in touch and maybe see each other in the near future!


- Kofi out ;)

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Final Concert!

Hey guys!

I had my final concert on Saturday night.  As always, it could have been better.. but also could have been worse  haha.  Many of my friends came to watch the performance which was amazing.  Also my prof told me that he was very impressed with my performance and proud of my improvement since I first came.  This, of course, made me feel great.. but there is a lot more work to be done! haha.  I took a few pictures of my colleague's performance and also recorded mine so here it is.  Have a listen and hope you enjoy it!


Anastazija again.  She performed Prelude in B minor- Bach and Chopin's Ballade no. 3


She performed Bach's Partita in B major and Beethoven's variation on "God save the King"
There was another performer, Thais, who's performance I recorded.  Unfortunately, she does not want me to to upload it as she said she would kill me haha.  Since she's helping me study, I complied haha.  She performed Ginastera's Argentinian Dance Op. 2 and it was amazing!

Here is my performance.  I played Scriabin's Preludes Op. 11, no. 1/2/4/5/11/6 and Chopin's Nocturne Op. 62, no. 1 in B major.

Courtesy of my flat mate, Caro :)

Thanks for reading/ watching!



Tuesday, 17 January 2012

London London London !

Hey guys,

This weekend has been AMAZING!  I left from Graz to London on Friday afternoon and arrived in the evening.  My flight was comfortable and short, just the way I like 'em.  Once I got to the airport I took a shuttle bus to the bus terminal to  meet up with my friend, Diana.  Once I got arrived at my destination, I got off the bus and waited for Diana.   Because of all the British accents, I felt like I was in one of those old movies based in England.. it was a bit overwhelming haha.  I finally met up with Diana and went home, got some dinner and called it a night.

London is too big of a city to see in just two days.  However, with Diana as my tour guide, I was able to see quite a few attractions along with some souvenir shopping.  Here are the pictures!

Like in Graz, the first thing I did when we hit the town... bought a meal at McDonald :)
Enjoying the meal

My friend and tour guide, Diana :)
Those taxis are so cool

Tower Bridge behind me

On Millennium Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral
The subway, called "The tube"

The London Eye

Big Ben

Big Ben.. andI

Big Ben and Diana
Telephone booth.. I felt like Superman
He must hate his job
Contemplating on whether to take a picture with the horseman.. notice the sign..
So I did it.. but was terrified.. as you can see

The National Gallery

194 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes and 43 seconds until the Olympic games

Break dancers around the National Gallery

Ceiling of the National Gallery

That thing freaked me out a bit
Mufasa and I

Going back to Graz
Thank you and see you soon London!
That pretty much wraps up my little adventure in London.  As always, thank you for reading and look out for my last few posts as I am heading back to Canada in 3 weeks!  Cheers and God Bless!