Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hey guys!

Since I got to Austria, I've been having to cook for myself, I don't have the luxuries that I had when I was at home haha.  I've also realized that I'm a decent cook.. I guess I get it from my mom ;)

Anyhow, Kyle (the other pianisit from Carleton), Miguel (Our friend who is from Spain and also lives in the same apartment,) and I made an arrangement to cook for each other once a week instead of having to fend for ourselves everyday.  Besides, dinner is much better with company and a great conversation ;)

Here's a few pictures from our dinners.  He doesn't know but I stole some of the pictures from Kyle (thanks bud haha)

This is from one of our bigger dinners(Photo credits: Kyle)

From the left: Myself, Giaum from France, and Miguel (Credits: Kyle)
Credits: Kyle

Kyle and Miguel

As always, thanks for reading!


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