Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's getting cold!

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekend.  My week was pretty awesome I must say.  The weather is still nice but the temperature is starting to drop.. so I might have to bring out my winter coat very soon.  School is going well, as usual (I finally started doing my readings ;).  The chamber concert is this Saturday, November 19th.  It will be held at a piano store in Jakominiplatz (one of the main town centers.. kind of like downtown).  I will definitely be posting some pictures and hopefully videos from the concert in my next post.  We have one more rehearsal this Thursday and then it's showtime ;)

We are playing Friedrich Kuhlau's flute trio op. 119 in G major.  Here it is!

Now of course this is not us.. hopefully we sound as good.. or better ;)

Heidi, who is the instructor for the chamber ensemble, is a flutist for the Graz Orchestra.  They have a concert tomorrow evening at the Graz Congress in the center of the town, and she invited me to go watch the rehearsal in the morning, and then hopefully meet some of the musicians, and make some connections.  So I will be doing that before heading to school tomorrow.

My lessons with Dr. Eike Straub are going great.  We have a concert at the school at the end of November.  I will  playing Bach's English Suite no. 2 in A minor, BWV 807 and Johannes Brahms' Klavierstück op. 118.  I am working to perform all of the movements, but if not, I will be playing select movements from both the Bach and Brahms.  Again, I will post the videos of this concert as well. 

I usually go about 30 minutes early to Dr. Straub's room and practice before my lesson...and by practice, I mean playing random pieces which pretty much ends with some jazz when Dr. Straub walks in.  He has told me that he's pretty impressed with my jazz.  So he said that I should look into the jazz department and see if I'd like to take any courses and maybe even some lessons!  Since he is the department head at Kunst, he said he could get me into the classes/lessons although it's a little late in the semester.  I am very excited about this.  I will update you as to how that goes! This week is going to be a BUSY week for me, but I am going to take it all in ;)

To my disappointment (and some of you as well), I still have not been able to find a barber as you can see [-_-]

Not to worry! Since the concert is this weekend, and I need to look presentable, this will be gone by the end of this week.. even if I have to go over some desperate measures haha.

I took some pictures on my way to church today so check them out!

I would translate that for you... but I'm kind of feeling lazy.. :)

That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!


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