Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank you and farewell, Graz

Hey guys!

This will be my final post as today is my last day in Graz.  Today, I ran a few errands, then I went to school.  I met with Dr. Straub and thanked him for being an amazing professor.  After that, I went to the practice building to practice for the last time.. very sad haha.  To top it off, I had my "last supper" with the boys haha. Here are the events that took place on my final day in Graz.

Since it was my last day, I walked through the town instead of taking short cuts haha.. so here are the pictures!

Going down the elevator

At school

Last time practicing in the building :( lol

I'm going to miss those pianos

We had a rough beginning, but I shall miss you lol

My last dinner with the guys.. and Kyle, the chef

Making a toast? lol
Giwon, Kyle and I

All the guys, minus Miguel and Marty who was taking the picture
 So there it is! I will be catching my flight at 8:00 am tomorrow morning and I should almost be home by this time tomorrow!  I'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting through my experience in Graz, I really appreciate it!  All my family, friends, and loved ones, thank you and may God bless you.  It has been a life changing experience.

To the amazing friends I've made in Graz, thank you for the friendship, for coming to my concerts, the dinners and the conversations that go with it haha!  It has been amazing and I hope we can stay in touch and maybe see each other in the near future!


- Kofi out ;)

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  1. you are great person;) just stay like you are! and we˛re goin to miss again! definitelly :) Anastazija