Thursday, 1 September 2011

Settling In

Today has been a pretty hectic day.  I barely slept (still haven't recovered from jetlag) and woke up pretty early.  After breakfast I walked down to the Housing office to pick up my apartment key.. it was about a 15 minute walk so I took some pictures on the way.

Last day at the hotel

I'm going to miss these continental breakfasts

A lot of people use the bicycle as a way of transportation here

After I got my key and signed the apartment contract, I returned to the hotel to check out.  They called a cab for me then I made my way to my apartment.  When I got to my apartment, I was very excited.. til I got in my room..haha.  It's not terrible or anything but it wasn't what I expected.  I will show you the pictures I took and the pictures on the housing website and you can be the judge.

Dinning area
The kitchen was the only thing that looked like what they advertised


View from Balcony
Hall way
My room.... (-_-)
View from my room      

So there you go.. and now compare it with this..

The advertisement

False advertising?... I'd say so!

Any who, besides that, I met my room mates.  They all seem like nice people and all speak English.  There is a spanish couple, a girl from Israel, and another girl from Mexico..all of their names escape my memory (I'm terrible with names!) but so far we all get along great!  I have t admit, when I first met my room mates and we were introducing ourselves I felt like I was on the MTV show "The Real Life" haha.

I will give you guys an update once I get my room looking a little more "homey".


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