Friday, 2 September 2011

Finally, A Piano

Today was an interesting day... in a good way.  I woke up early in the morning to go to Karl Franz University to register for the German Intensive course which I will be taking throughout this month. At the registration, I met two girls, Deni and Jen, who are from Vancouver (the only Canadians that I've met.. besides Kyle of course), which was nice.  We actually bumped into each other again in the afternoon when I was walking home (They were actually in my shot haha.. but that will be in another post)

Getting ready for the day
Mozart street ... I had to
Karl Franz Unversity

After registering for the German course, I walked to Kunst Graz to meet with the international administrator, Irene, to begin the registration process.  She's a very nice woman who speaks almost perfect English.  She gave me a temporary student card so that I can practice..(I was beginning to twitch cuz I hadn't touched a piano since Sunday haha)

Walking to Kunst Graz   

My roomate,Barbara
Kunst Graz Administration Building

Court yard behind the Admin Building

Hugo Wolf

Franz Liszt

Anton Bruckner

 So after meeting with Irene, I walked over to the practice rooms.  It is right beside the Library.  When I finally got into the practice room, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven... without the dying part.

For those of you who know me in the music program, you know that through all my years at Carleton, I practically lived in the practice rooms.  It was my sanctuary haha.  Now, I love the Carleton music program.. but I have to admit that we don't have the greatest facilities (come on... you know it's true haha).  So when I got into the practice room here, I was speechless.. because I was so excited! You can see the pictures for yourself ;)


Practice room building

Inside the building.. my heart was beating so hard here
Hall way

Wait for it... wait for it... Ahhhhh there it is  :).. Welcome to my new sanctuary

Ain't she a beauty?
extra 3 keys in the bass register

 I rehearsed a few of the pieces that I am currently working on including Rachmaninov's Concerto no. 2.  However, I haven't played/practiced in a while so it's a bit rusty and the sound quality isn't the greatest.. but.. Enjoy :)

Watch it here


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